August 2015 Newsletter

Students, Family and Friends,

We hope everyone has been enjoying the amazing summer and the nice hot weather – we have been having some great outdoor soccer training every Wednesday night with the MFTK students and instructors. The last outdoor session will be this coming Wednesday August 26th a 6:15pm (at Northern Secondary school field) – please join us!

We have had a busy summer at the school with several new students joining us – welcome to MFTK! We also had our MFTK Summer Camp for 2 weeks in July. This was a great success with a great group of kids and instructors who helped make the camp fun – with lots of great daily activities!

Back on June 6th we had our annual Black Belt testing to start the summer off – this was a great event and we had an action packed “show” at the Thorncliff Banquet Hall with a great turnout of parents, friends, family and students who came to watch and support our black belts. Congrats to all of the students who testing and passed their Black Belt testing!

We recently had our annual MFTK Annual Summer picnic – we had a great turnout at Sunnybrook park (see picture above)! We had some amazing foods and a great soccer game afterwards. Thanks to those who attended and made it such a fun event. It is really great to spend time with students, instructors, friends, and family outside the school where we can all relax and have a great time socializing and getting to know each other.

We do want to encourage our students to participate in TKD tournaments as much as possible. We have been increasing our attendance recently and this is building good confidence and experience for all those that participate. We have some tournaments coming up again in the Fall and Winter so please watch for information or ask the school office.

As a reminder we encourage all of the students (yellow belt and up) to come to our Friday night sparring class. It is part of the curriculum and it is important that students come to that class whenever they can – as well as being fun and action packed!

Remember – keep training, be healthy, and have a positive attitude in everything you do!

Senior Master Shekib Foroughi