February 2015 Newsletter

Students, Family and Friends,

Happy belated New Year to everyone and hope you are all having a great Winter!! It has been very cold recently – which is why we need everyone to be training at our school and staying warm!

We continue to be busy at MFTK with several new students joining as well as our usual color belt testings and activities.

We had a major milestone recently which was our One Year Opening Anniversary at the Eglinton location – we had a great celebration last weekend and we thank all of you who came out to help us celebrate and also to all of you who have supported MFTK over the last few years at the old and new locations. Very much appreciated!

We have a couple events coming up so please read below! We will also be announcing our annual Black Belt Testing shortly, so stay tuned for this great event. This summer at MFTK we will also be having a two week Summer Camp in July (details to follow).

As a reminder we encourage all of the students (yellow belt and up) to come to our Friday night sparring class. It is part of the curriculum and it is important that students come to that class whenever they can – we well as being fun and action packed!

Remember – keep training, be healthy, and have a positive attitude in everything you do!

Senior Master Shekib Foroughi