March 2014 Newsletter

Students, Family and Friends,

We have now been in the new school for 2 months – it has been great to finally have the new location up and running and start to get back to normal schedules and training! We have had quite a few new students join recently and we would personally like to welcome them to MFTK.

Our first color belt testing took place last Saturday with about 20 students who participated. This was a good milestone for our new location and we learned a few things about managing the new space during testing.

We have some great events coming up and others to follow, please check our Upcoming Events page for more details.

Remember – keep training, be healthy, and have a positive attitude in everything you do!

Senior Master Shekib Foroughi

Message of the Month


An important aspect of the martial arts that is rarely spoken about is visualization. When you visualize, you create a mental picture for the purpose of strengthening your mind and will power. Any area of your training can make use of visualization to improve your skills.

Using visualization during your form practice can be extremely beneficial. When you are first learning a form, if you can hold a mental image in your mind of how your teacher moves, you will be able to learn more rapidly and you won’t forget the movements. By creating a picture in your mind of something that moves powerfully like the wind, your mind will lead your body to move that way over time. In addition, seeing an opponent when doing your form will make applications more clear and help you see other applications that are not so apparent. Forms training can be given a new breath of life by visualizing during practice.

Breaking is another are of training in which visualization can take you to another level. To get your mind focused, you should view your break mentally even before you are going to actually do it. When visualizing, see yourself doing the technique exactly right and being successful, thus causing the mind to tap into your motor skills, and causing a positive attitude. Be sure that your mind avoids negative images like experiencing pain or an unsuccessful break because this will lead to those kinds of results. By visualizing a moment before the actual break, you will cause the energy in your body to flow into the break and give you even more power.