May 2014 Newsletter

Students, Family and Friends,

As you know we just completed additional renovations to our School! We now have a much bigger training space – this was all for the benefit of our students! Thank you for your patience while we closed the school for a week. Hopefully everyone now appreciates the positive changes we made for all of you!

We had our annual Black Belt testing on May 21st and May 24th. As usual we had a closed door testing for the main part of the testing and then for the second part we had the black belts students test with the colour belts and then do an exhibition of some of their techniques. The final part was the concrete breaking – very exciting! Congratulations to Mr. Sahab for passing his second dan Black Belt and to Ms. Nerianne for getting her first dan Black Belt – a great accomplishment for both.

We have some great events coming up and others to follow – please see below.

Remember – keep training, be healthy, and have a positive attitude in everything you do!

Senior Master Shekib Foroughi