Matt Woo

Great Place! Been here for 9 years.

Sarah Tahseen

The instructors are amazing. They’re extremely well trained and friendly. Wonderful classes for kids, families and adults. Our daughter loves it and she’s made many wonderful friends.

Sarah Suhail

The values that the Masters teach the children equal the skills they teach in martial arts. Their involvement in the community is why we came here in the first place and they are absolutely wonderful.

Alex Badila

It’s a small place, and therefore allows for a casual atmosphere. It doesn’t mean the instructors go easy on you. Oh, no, no. They still work you to the bone. You just feel closer to them.

Terrance Van Horne

A great down to earth program helping children learn about their potential and possibilities. Building confidence and extending their minds through the physical dynamics of challenge and discipline. Its fun too!

Karen Stintz

Former Toronto City Councillor, Ward 16

Dear Master Foroughi,

I want to thank you very much for the excellent programs at Master Foroughi’s Tiger Kim Martial Arts Academy. My son Jackson has been enrolled in Taekwondo for almost two years. During that time, he has learned many life skills including discipline, commitment, technique and friendship. Over the years he has benefited from the dedication and patience of the instructors.

My husband and I have been so proud to see how Jackson’s confidence grows each time he successfully completes his testing and advances to his next belt.

You have created a excellent learning environment in which students can excel. Jackson’s experience has been so positive that we recently enrolled his younger sister Hailey.

Thank you once again for the exceptional programs that you provide and the work that you do in the community.

Maia Miguelez

PhD, Medical Science Specialist, Neurosciences

My daughter, who is almost seven, has been attending Master Foroughi’s martial arts academy for the past year and a half. During this time, I have seen the many benefits that my daughter has enjoyed from being in this program. Classes not only provide excellent health benefits in terms of cardiovascular and flexibility training, they also offer wonderful opportunities for personal, ethical, and social growth. Classes at Master Foroughi’s Academy are structured in such a way as to develop discipline, coordination, and technique while still respecting age limitations; this is always done in a positive, fun, and encouraging atmosphere that fosters enthusiasm. The instructors are patient and warm, but always able to maintain discipline by teaching focus and concentration. Student are treated with great respect and are taught to treat others in the same manner. Other equally important ethical principles such as perseverance and mindfulness are also modeled and taught at this school. During her progression and tests for higher belts, It has been a true joy to see my daughter get the wonderful sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from sticking to a goal and working hard to attain it. Socially, my daughter – who is usually very shy – quickly opened up at this school and made many friends that she always looks forward to seeing. Finally, and equally as important, she has FUN at Taekwondo and always leaves her classes smiling, happy, and energized. It truly is a pleasure to highly recommend Master Foroughi’s martial arts academy.

Andrew Chessell

Cove Manager, Bell Canada

Adam has been a student for two years now and has matured immensely. Adam was very shy, Taekwondo has made Adam very confident and strong. Master Foroughi has not just taught Taekwondo skills but self confidence, discipline, and concentration. What Adam has learned, has been extended outside of your school into his school work, boy scouts, sporting activities, and the community as a whole. I strongly recommend martial arts to anybody because it builds a strong foundation, that can be used in all life activities.

Una Orlic Pirocanac

B. Sc. Electrical Engineer

Our son has been a student of MFTK Martial Arts for five months. At the very beginning, he had a hard time, since he didn’t understand the language and could not follow instructions. However, a friendly environment, intelligent and individual approach and huge amounts of motivation he received here helped him not only develop his skills, but to build his self-respect, respect for others, gain discipline, and to make some good friends. He loves his classes, and we will continue coming here, since it is beneficial for our son in many ways.

Brenda Astins

Permanent Makeup Artist

I’m proud to say I’m a student of this wonderful, traditional Taekwondo school. The instructors are passionate, talented and caring. I take the adults classes, and every class is an opportunity for me to test my limits and push them further. The instructors know how to motivate and inspire you to do your absolute best. It’s a fantastic boost to your self-esteem when you feel yourself progressing, your technique getting better, and your physical strength improving. When you test for a new belt level and succeed, you feel a great sense of pride and achievement.

I’m also very impressed by the instructors’ skills when I see them teaching the kids classes. They know how to keep it fun and the kids engaged, while still maintaining a respectful and disciplined environment. It’s amazing to see some of the shyest, quietest kids find new confidence after their first few months of training.

If you’ve ever been curious about trying martial arts or seeing your child do martial arts, you/they should try a class – a trial class is free – there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!