Brenda Astins

Permanent Makeup Artist

I’m proud to say I’m a student of this wonderful, traditional Taekwondo school. The instructors are passionate, talented and caring. I take the adults classes, and every class is an opportunity for me to test my limits and push them further. The instructors know how to motivate and inspire you to do your absolute best. It’s a fantastic boost to your self-esteem when you feel yourself progressing, your technique getting better, and your physical strength improving. When you test for a new belt level and succeed, you feel a great sense of pride and achievement.

I’m also very impressed by the instructors’ skills when I see them teaching the kids classes. They know how to keep it fun and the kids engaged, while still maintaining a respectful and disciplined environment. It’s amazing to see some of the shyest, quietest kids find new confidence after their first few months of training.

If you’ve ever been curious about trying martial arts or seeing your child do martial arts, you/they should try a class – a trial class is free – there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!