Benjamin Brown

A fantastic academy with accomplished Instructors and Masters. Great place to start or continue your training in a very fun and relaxed environment.

Catherine Revoy Brennan

The Masters and Instructors are great with young children, teaching discipline while encouraging confidence, respect and lots of fun!

Sarah Js

I may be now absent, but I hold this place forever in my mind always and forever. You guys changed me for the better.

Johnny G Ness

I had some wonderful memories from this school. Glad to see some familiar faces. MFTK taught me very valuable life skills among other things. I’m not sure where I would be without Taekwondo and the valuable leadership and training I was provided by the honourable Master Foroughi. Thank you for all your tutelage and guidance. I still had a whole lot to learn from my mistakes every day. Tiger Kim’s gave me a great start. I thank all of you. And remember: “A family that kicks together, sticks together!”

Siobhan Buck

Seeing these pictures unleashed a flood of wonderful memories from my high school days. I deeply appreciate the long hours training, the dedication of the Masters and Instructors, and the unparalleled sense of community that I experienced in my years here. Wishing you all the best from Edmonton.